MOT test is an annual safety check to ensure the vehicle meets minimum safety standards and levels of exhaust emissions set out by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, formerly VOSA).

£54.85 including VAT

Oil Service

The most regular and frequent service, the oil, oil filter & microfilter(s) are replaced. We also carry out a vehicle safety check including checking the tyre pressures, we stamp the service book and reset the service light.

From £99*

Air Conditioning Service

Recharging your air conditioning system is vital as it can lose gas and become less efficient. Here at Barkers Motor Works we can keep your system in perfect order. We drain the entire system and even inject a UV dye into the system in order to check for any leaks – because looking for leaking air is tricky!


Air Conditioning Refresh

Refreshing your air conditioning can remove any build-up of bacteria and horrible smells. We use an anti-bacterial and odour treatment to clean and disinfect the system.


Electrical Diagnosis

Fault-finding, software update and programming.

From £75*

Inspection 1

This includes a full inspection of your BMW to make sure all the safety features are working correctly and everything included in an oil service.

From £180*

Inspection 2

All the elements of Inspection 1 with additional features plus a thorough inspection of you BMW, replacing the air filter and the fuel filter (diesel) or spark plugs (petrol).

From £260*

Track Day Preparation

Sports upgrades, brakes and suspension upgrades, engine performance upgrades. We believe thorough prep is vital and we want you to have the best day out there, without any breakdowns or unexpected wear!


Four Wheel Alignment

Incorrect wheel alignment, or tracking, can cause uneven tyre wear and can affect the handling of your vehicle. This can be caused by driving over potholes or hitting the curb. During the process we will check the direction and angle of the wheels and adjust the camber and toe of the front and rear suspension, making sure the vehicle’s wheels are set up to the best position, as per the manufacturer’s specifications.


*Servicing prices are variable according to model, year & specification of vehicle.
All Prices exclude VAT.